Steps To Reduce Belly Fat In 2 Weeks

Now a Days Fat Is A Very Major Issue in our life. Every fourth person suffering from fat issues Like Belly Fat. Belly fat is not a big issue. This Content Is Helping us to Reduce Belly fatBody fat is based on our daily routine and on our food. No doubt, Belly fat gives you stress and laziness.

Follow These Steps To Reduce Belly fat

1. Running

reduce belly fat
Running is the part of Exercise. It is Simple and easy Exercise. We can easily burn belly fat with running. Mainly boys and girls go to gym for burning fat. But they don’t know how to doing workout, so gym is difficult way to reduce fat. Running helps us to free from disease and beneficial for old and young peoples. Running is the best way of loosing fat. Run atleast 5-10 km for loosing fat in 2 weeks. It really works.

2. Diet is must for Reduce belly fat

reduce belly fat

Diet is must for good health. Good diet helps to growth our body but bad food is the reason of belly fat. Main reason of belly food is eating junk and oily food. Oily food gives fat to our body. We can easily reduce our belly fat by taking healthy food.

Foods to Reduce belly fat are :-

  • Avoid Sugar and Soft Drinks.
  • Eat Rich Fiber Foods.
  • Avoid carbohydrates food from our diet.
  • Eat more Protein.

Also Follow This Diet plan

Early Morning   –  1 Glass warm water with lemon Or Without Sugar Tea With 2 biscuits
Breakfast             –  2 Rotis + 1/2 glass milk or Brown Bread + Milk 1 cup
Mid Morning      –  1 Banana and 20 Grapes
Lunch                    –   Brown Rice 1 cup + Mixed Vegetables + Salad + Raita 1 small bowl
Evening                –   1 Glass Milk
Dinner                   –  2 Rotis + Vegetable Soup small bowl + Salad

3. Exercise

reduce belly fat

Regular Exercise helps us to Reduce belly fat. It also helps to loss weight. Exercise makes our body and muscles strong and protect our body from heart diseases and diabetes.

Exercies For Reduce Belly fat

  • Side Plank
  • Walkout from Pushup Position
  • Alligator Drag
  • Superman Exercise
  • Jump Squats Exercise
  • Single Leg Lift Jump Exercise
  • Push up and Knee Kick Exercise
  • Bent Leg Rotating Exercise

4. Cycling

reduce belly fat

Cycling is the easy and best exercise for Reduce belly fat. This is another cardio exercise which is used for burning calories. It also helps to protect our body from heart diseases.

5. Swimming

reduce belly fat
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With Swimming You get the benefits of cardio. It also helps to reduce to belly fat to toning our body . It helps to burn your calories quickly. you can swim once or twice every week. We can do this exercise easily at home without any trainer or couch . It helps to increases our stamina.

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